About Us

“Global Developments” has been constituted as an independent platform based on information sharing about current developments in international relations. The platform is open to all who are of interest, has knowledge, and is eager to share accumulation of information on the ongoing issues.

Turkish and English contents will be shared on the “Global Developments” platform. The authors may send their studies with 400-1100 words for English content to the Editor’s mail address, kureselgelismeler.ed@gmail.com by mail. In addition to their studies, a short CV with a maximum of 75 words will be also wished from writers. 

Expression consisting swearing, insult and humiliation should not be used by writer in the content, and no financial/moral interests must be created with any institution or organization. The information, opinions and suggestions put forward in the content are the responsibility of the author, the “Global Developments” platform cannot be held responsible for them.

The authors are expected to fulfill suggestions requested by the platform editor related to the content submitted. The platform editor, may share the appropriate contents on the platform.  The authors are deemed to have declared that they have transferred the copyright of the content sent to the “Global Developments” platform.

How to benefit from the information/contents shared on the “Global Developments” platform is at the reader’s discretion; The platform does not make suggestion/direction to any person, group, institution or organization.

Shared content at the “Global Developments” platform cannot be used without referring.